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Probable choroidal melanoma in single eye

In EnglishThis is an 80 yo female patient. One of her eys has choroidal groth, presumably – choroidal melanoma. Other eye is blind and painful (was treated long time ago with retrobulbar neurolytics elsewhere).

Her VA was NLP in RE, and 6/24 in LE. Her right eye findings are irrelevant for the case, the only thing that really matters – it’s that she has only one seeing eye and it contains big choroidal mass.
Dilated fundus exam of left eye: macular scars + folds + peripapillary atrophy. In superior mid-periphery gross black-grey choroidal mass was revealed.
Left eye ultrasound revealed anisointense choroidal mass of upper periphery with internal hypointensivity.

probable choroidal melanoma in single seeing eye