Here you will find presented the videos of eye surgeries or cases, which I had managed to create in a period of 2014-2017 in Zambia.

  1. An upper lid abscess in a one year child, incision and drainage procedure.
  2. A bilamellar tarsal plate rotation for cicatricial blinding trachoma. Basics for tropical ophthalmologists. P.S. I was informed by Prof. Kataev, and I am greatful for this remark, that the sutures at one of the steps could have been made other way, to strengthen the effect of eversion. This indeed worked better for the future cases.
  3. A video of anterior chamber IOL implantation. Very handy option in quite a number clinical situations.
  4. A video of Trabeculectomy with 5-Fluorouracyl application, with commentary in Russian.
  5. A Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery video with comments in Russian, a small tutorial with to consecutive surgeries. No video-editing involved (full 2 surgeries from the beginning to the end – approx. 30 minutes).
  6. A cataract outreach camp in the district of Western Province, Zambia. Video depicts African hospital setup, with all its challenges like power shortages etc. The video depicts the process of teaching cataract surgery of one of the ophthalmic clinical officers, and a few complex eye conditions at the end of video clip.
  7. Scleral autograft for closure of corneal perforation. This here was performed for a perforation after pterygium excision.