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This website describes a range of eye maladies one may witness in Tropical Africa. In 2013-2017 I have made a 4 years long journey to rural Sub-Saharan Africa (Zambia) and fulfilled my residency dream. This journey reshaped the rest of my life in return. Apart from dodging blindness at the very forefront, I have met a lot of nice people here, and even got used to the African way of life (I guess I am a bit African now!). I also got married in Africa. And I will be indebted to my wife for her support forever.
In the menu up there you will find Blog and Atlas of Tropical Ophthalmology cases, and also a little more details about myself. Looking at how conditions were managed, do remember, that many options usual for Western World setup are not available in rural Africa and even at the tertiary referral centers.

Mind, that the photos are not intended to be seen by general public. They are especially not advised for children.

The photographs are for online browsing only. Permission to use them externally (lectures/presentations/publications) can be obtained through contact with the author.

Dr. Anton Vurdaft

Tropical Africa (by Siyana Karatkevich, my beloved Madam and life only Jackpot)