Dr. Anton Vurdaft, ophthalmologist, cataract surgical outreach in districts

Tropical Africa (by Siyana Karatkevich, my beloved Madam and life only Jackpot)


I am Anton Vurdaft, medical doctor and ophthalmologist. I was born in Russia (St. Petersburg) in 1986. I graduated from St. Petersburg Pavlov’s State Medical University (Russia) in 2009, and thereafter completed three years ophthalmology training right there in 2012. Since late 2013 to late 2017 I was practicing ophthalmology in Tropical Africa (Zambia). In 2015 I successfully passed professional fellowship examinations of College of Ophthalmology of Eastern, Central and Southern Africa – FCOphth(ECSA) (held in Ethiopia), and International Council of Ophthalmology – FICO (held in Zambia).

In 2017 I had a 3 months glance at the Oculoplastic Surgery in the United States via fellowship in oculoplastic surgery at Kellogg Eye Center (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, United States of America) with support from the International Council of Ophthalmology.

I left Africa and went back home to Russia in late 2017 due to family reasons. Since late 2019 I started practicing in Germany, with a view to visit Africa in future, and even not once. Remember, I am a bit African now!

My areas of special interest in ophthalmology: oculoplastics, cataract and glaucoma management, ophthalmic oncology, tropical eye diseases, and of course – ophthalmic photography as a hobby, which made this website possible.

In my free time I keep uploading pictures of my work in Tropics.
My lovely family keeps supporting me all the way.