Normal glaucoma surgical rate in Africa?

50 trabs per one million of population. So little must be done to improve glaucoma management, according to review from West African studies.

Morgagnischer Staar (morgagnian cataract)

Zuweilen soll das Trübwerden des Morgagnischen Liquor den Staar, welcher alsdann Morgagnischer Staar (Cataracta Morgagniana s. intertitialis) genannt wird, bedingen; dieses Uebel wird aber selten beobachtet, da Trübungen des Morgagnischen Dunstes schnell die Verdunklungen der Linse bedingen.

Quelle: Beck, Handbuch der Augenheilkunde (1823), S. 258-259

Morgagnian cataract

Morgagnian cataract

Morgagnian cataract

Morgagnian cataract

Readily available antifungal eyedrops for tropics

Chlorhexidine solution is effective against fungal infections. As well against corneal ones. There is a cost-effective way to produce such drops, which can be stable over a long term.

👍🏾Readily available antifungal drops, cool idea.

OSSN behind a Pterygium

There’s a new study from Canada, where they found, that around 3% of excised pterygia are appeared to be pcular surface squamous neopleasia histologically. In endemic regions of Africa this percent schould be much higher.