Rural Africa, as seen from nearby; documented by my beloved wife, Siyana Karatkevich.

Dear visitor,

This website contains photographs, which depict typical ophthalmological diseases one may encounter in Sub-Saharan Africa.
All materials uploaded to the website “Tropical Ophthalmology” are collected by the author during 4 years of practice in rural Africa.
The photographs and other materials here are outlining the process of eye diseases management and are meant for educational purposes only. The methods described in the publications do not necessarily represent the only possible best methods of diagnostics or treatment. It is possible that there can often other, perhaps even better modalities.

All subjects depicted in the photographs gave a written informed consent for the publishing with educative purposes. The consent was taken in every case. Nonetheless, all efforts were made to eliminate the possibility of patient identification, unless this was critical for the case presentation (and special permission had been granted by a patient).
No research or experiments were carried out with the subjects of the photographs. Only well-established and best-available conventional treatment (medical or surgical) was applied in all cases.
Materials are meant to be seen only by medical specialists. Therefore, their demonstration to children and laymen would not be wise! Please do not use this for self-diagnostics and self-treatment. When you have any disease symptoms, you should immediately seek a medical doctor.
Any republishing or copying may only be performed after obtaining a permission from the author (see “Contacts”).

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Dr. Anton Vurdaft