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When to start anti-TB treatment by presumed ocular tuberculosis?

The Collaborative Ocular Tuberculosis Study Calculator is an efficient, low-cost, evidence and experience-based clinical tool to guide antitubercular therapy initiation. While it holds substantial promise in improving standard-of-care for ocular-TB patients, future validation studies can help to as certain its clinical utility and reliability.

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Probable intraocular tuberculosis

In EnglishThis is a young lady of 32y complaining of reduced vision in both eyes since the beginning of the year 2017. The vision reduction is mild to severe 6/24 in RE and FC@1m.

She has history of recent cough and HIV on HAART since 2011 (CD4 226 cells, 15.26%).
She has a history of unclassified anterior uveitis in RE in February 2017.
She has a history of close contact with pulmonary TB patient (cousin lived with them in 2008 and had confirmed PTB).

On external examination, adnexa normal, and no signs of regional lymphadenopathy.

Anterior segments are normal, and no signs of active or any previous anterior uveitis in both eyes.

Probable intraocular tuberculosis: left eye (serpiginoid choroiditis?)

Probable intraocular tuberculosis, right eye (choroidal abscess? choroidal tuberculoma? serpiginoid choroiditis?)