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Normal glaucoma surgical rate in Africa?

50 trabs per one million of population. So little must be done to improve glaucoma management, according to review from West African studies.

Undetected Glaucoma in Africa… Too much is too little


In 2020, 43.78 million POAG cases were undetected, of which 76.7% reside in Africa and Asia.

First ever African Glaucoma Guidelines!

First ever African Glaucoma Guidelines! A Toolkit for Glaucoma Management in Sub-Saharan Africa (Light for the World, Sightsavers, IAPB, ICO, SAFO, COECSA, WACS), 2021

5-FU for trabeculectomy?

Interesting RCT from Singapore (2013) showing that in 8 years after trabeculectomy 5-FU was no better than placebo in terms of final success rate. Which was by the way 40-55%. A food for thought. 5-FU is cheaper as MMC and is more rapidly available in some places of the world.