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Corneal perforation after cobra spit

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In EnglishCase of March 2016. A corneal perforation, 4 months after cobra attack and spit into the eye. These cobras are well-known for their ability to aim good and straight into the eye. Neurotoxin from the venom causes so called cobra spit ophthalmia. Those, who deal with them in bush should know, that Black-necked cobra gets it into the eye 8 out of 10 times! And Mozambique cobra makes it 10 out of 10! There are real studies for that in pubmed, whereby people made a special photographs with human faces, and cobras still made it exactly in the faces’ eyes. (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4123280/ and others).
In this case, the patient was not treated until the visit to the hospital 4 months after the attack. Perforation was closed successfully with scleral autograft.

in Russian / по-русскиСлучай от марта 2016 года. Состояние глаза после попадания в него ядовитого плевка кобры четыре месяца назад. Пациентка не лечилась. Перфорация была закрыта склеральным аутотрансплантатом.
Интересно: черношеяя кобра попадает в глаз 8 раз из 10, а мозамбикская кобра – все 10 раз попадает строго в глаз! Было показано в исследованиях, где кобрам демонстрировали фотографии с лицами людей.

Corneal perforation, status 4 months after cobra attack and spit with venom into the eye.