A little bit to understanding of the Eye in a general community

At our Lewanika Hospital we (or actually more our nurses than me) used to teach student nurses. I’ve just discovered in my archive these funny pictures. They document the pre-course knowledge of eye anatomy of student nurses. Ishh… These lashes must be painful! Sorry Mutinta, Faith Mundia and Nalishuwa 🙂 I hope, to this time you know the eye at least a little bit better.

SLT snd Glaucoma in Africa

At this moment it has become very clear, that laser treatment of glaucoma in Africa as a primary treatment (as opposed to eye drops) is an emerging standard of care in Tropics. SLT as substitution for eyedrops, Cyclophotocoagulation as a substitution for primary trabeculectomy… We are arriving at the new era.

Calculating surgical costs

I will need this paper one day.

Sunconjynctival anesthesia for MSICS?

Colleagues from India published recently a RCT, which evaluated subconjunctival anesthesia for manual small incision cataract surgery.

Not surprisingly, it does not provide akinesia. However, its anesthesia is sufficient for more or less comfortable surgery. It’s only obstacle is a chemisis, which is especially disturbing for novice surgeons.