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Pupula duplex

In EnglishThis is a young lady with a case of old scleral malacia and uveal staphyloma. This staphyloma actually looks very much like a typical advanced “anterior staphyloma”, which usually originates at the cornea site. She also has phthitic changes of her real cornea and anterior chamber, which is positioned infero-laterally.

In other words, such or similar cases could have been the source for the very popular rumor/myth in ophthalmology, that there were cases of double corneas+irises+pupillae. They call it “pupula duplex” (sic) and photoshop pictures are all over the google. I have read people also considered this as “devil eye”. Very much possible:)

In reality, however, this lady has all the indications for enucleation, histopathology and implant/prosthesis with a tumor suspect via B-scan. Her current condition is there since 2015.

That is what potential Pupula duplex case could look like when it supposedly was described in older literature, if true at all. “Real” cornea is lower, “pseudo” cornea is upper.