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Macular tear and retinal detachment in juvenile maculoschisis

In EnglishThis is a lady 20 yo, who states she had problems with right eye vision since long time back (no details, but it’s about many years). Left eye vision started deteriorating some one or two years ago. Her vision in RE is FC close to face, and LE is 6/12 (no improvement with pinhole).

Her current vision in RE is stable for several years, according to her, and not a recent decrease. She only acknowledges trauma to the right eye (slight punch with the tree branch) when she was very young. She also notes poor vision in dark time of the day in Left eye (since few years).

Both anterior segments are normal. Fundus exam. Right eye diffuse confluent retinoschisis with macular tear. Retina is slightly mobile throughout the posterior pole and up to periphery. No obvious funnel is seen ophthalmoscopically.
Left eye – enlarged and disturbed foveal reflex and infero-nasal periphery suspicious for retinoschisis and with lacy pattern. One bone spicule is seen at the arcade.

Macular tear, diffuse retinal detachment in case of juvenile maculoschisis (Stereo-pair for depth appreciation)