Cicatricial upper lid ectropion (Part I)

In EnglishThis is a young 21 y.o. lady, who had thermal a thermal burn to the face during an epileptic seizure. She had upper eyelid cicatricial ectropion as a result, with vertical deficiency of anterior lamella as a result. Exposure keratitis developed subsequently with decrease of vision in the same eye. The lady presented 5 months after the incident. The cicatrix was released and the resultant skin defect managed with retroauricular skin autograft with bolster for graft to “take” for 7 days and tarsorrhaphy for 10 days.

Photos are showing her pre-operative status (mix #1), intraoperative resultant skin defect and graft source (mix #2) and postoperative day 10 after tarsorraphy release. Lid contour, height and skin color are all expected to improve in a mid and long-term. Lagophthalmos and ectropion are fully releaved, and her pre-existing exposure keratitis well healed during 10 days of tarsorrhaphy.

Upper lid cicatricial ectropion

Upper lid cicatricial ectropion after thermal burn, preoperative status

Upper lid cicatricial ectropion after thermal burn, intraoperative skin defect and graft source.

Upper lid cicatricial ectropion after thermal burn, postoperative status

P.S. I am grateful for the valuable consultations provided by Dr. Christine Nelson and Dr. Tristan Reuser to polish the operative management of the case.

This story has an extension: See Cicatricial upper lid ectropion (Part II).